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A Cry For All Seasons

Brent McLaren, Perth Ontario's Official Town Crier

O’yez! O’yez! O’yez! Brent McLaren is the official Town Crier for the heritage community of Perth, Ontario. He takes his place as the first of the new generation of Criers to serve this historic community, building on the recorded traditions that were part of Perth for its first hundred years.

We Have A Town Crier!

The Perth Town Crier is an ambassador for our heritage community representing our town at civic ceremonies, festivals, special community functions and even Town Crier competitions.

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The Red House Door Post

There were two locations where a Crier could post an important notice: the door of the Settlement Office and on the post at the "Red House". There you will also find links to Perth, other Town Criers and Town Crier Guilds.

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Rediscovering History

Everyone associates the Town Crier with a ringing bell. In the early military settlement of Perth it was musical instruments such as the fife, the drum, a bugle or playing of the bagpipes that summoned the community to the proclamations of the town.

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The Town Crier's Uniform

The Perth Town Crier appears in a uniform which reflects the colours and vibrancy of Perth's historic past. Fund raising is ongoing to maintain and upgrade this uniform.

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