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Online Cry Submission

To facilitate your submission of cries we have created this online submission form. There is no requirement to use this page for cry submission.

You may email your cries directly to Crier Brent McLaren ( Simply add the files as an attachment. We have the ability to work with most digital formats.

If you use this form, you will only be able to submit one cry at a time, so as not to overload the email system should one of the cries be a larger data format.

The upload system will work with PDF, Microsoft’s DOC and DOCX format and OpenDocuments ODT format. It recognizes the file formate by the three/four letter extensions “.pdf”, “.doc”, “.docx” or “.odt”. If you do not have a proper file extension the system will not upload your information.

Whenever possible, please use your name in the cry-file-name, for example: McLaren-Brent_Historical-Cry-3.pdf

A personal email will be sent, usually with 72 hours indicating that your cries have been received and confirming that they are readable at our end.

Online Cry Submission