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The Red House Door Post & The Perth Town Crier’s News


In the Miltary Settlement at Perth there were two locations where a Crier could post an important notice. The first was the door of the Settlement Office, the second was on the post at the "Red House", an important gathering place (that has almost always been painted white!) You can access The Red House Door Post by clicking here.

As part of The Red House Door Post you will also find links to Perth, other Town Criers and Town Crier Guilds.


About of the Perth Town Crier’s Activities

Some of the recent events have included:

  • Officiate at official Town of Perth functions including administering the Oath Of Office to the incoming Council.
  • Officiate at The Festival of Good Cheer concerts and receptions.
  • Compete at the Provincial Town Crier Championships and North American Town Crier Championships
  • Participate in local and regional parades and seasonal fairs and activities.
  • Announcing the Bride & Groom and Bridal Party at weddings
  • Opening Golf Tournaments and many local fund raising activities
  • Open the annual Stewart Park Festival, Garlic Festival and the Perth Fair
  • Open the Art Of Being Green Festival and the Lyndhurst Turkey Fair
  • Represent Perth at many large festivals including Highland Games and Fall Fairs
  • Greet participants and visitors at events such as the Antique Car Club Rally
  • Numerous television appearances including: Canada AM, CJOH News and A-Chamnel Morning Show
  • Many concert performances including: Last Night Of The Proms, Festival Of The Maples and Perth Museum Dinner.
  • Present Music In The Perth Settlement for the Historical Society and The Town Crier at the Historica Fair.

For an up-to-date list visit: The Red House Door Post.

To view photos of Perth and its Town Crier visit: The Town Crier Photo Gallery.

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