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Help Dress our Town Crier

Town Crier's Uniform Reflects Historic Past

Reflecting Our Heritage: About The Town Crier Uniform

The Town Crier's uniform was designed by a town committee and is based on the color scheme of the Glengary Light Infantry Fencibles. They were one of the prinicipal units that settled in Perth after the war of 1812-1814. Their hunter green, black and silver trim jackets with grey pants predominate the great coat of the Town Crier. Where possible the buttons and buckles will are modelled on the Fencibles uniform.

The original design drawings are shown to the left of this article and described below. Some elements, such as the crests, were changed as the uniform developed.

A red sash, typical for a British Army Sergeant of the period, will contain the crests of the Fencibles along with the crests of the crests of the Swiss "Le Régiment de Watteville" and the Swiss "Le Régiment de Meuron" whose members also located in this area. Two other crests, the crest of the Town Of Perth and the crest of The Ontario Guild Of Town Criers will complete this sash.

The waistcoat contains the authentic pewter buttons which were part of the standard uniform of the British Regiments. Finally a traditional "tricorne hat" adorned by the feather quills completes the uniform. In addition to the light gray knee britches, the Town Crier also has the option of appearing in a traditional highland kilt, which was part of the dress uniform of many of the officers of the period.

To complete the look the Crier wears Ghillie Broques, which are a Scottish formal dress shoe, lace cuffs and a jobot. Authentic socks and garters also add to the overall appearance.

It was a major undertaking to design and create a uniform that will work on the hottest days of the summer and the coldest days of the winter. No doubt this project will be an on-going one for the Town Crier and the Heritage Management Committee.

A picture of the Town Crier in his full uniform can be seen by clicking here.


The Town Crier Uniform Fund

The Town Crier Selection Committee continues to raise funds for our Town Crier's uniform. The current uniform made its first appearance on July 20, 2006. It is a significant garment, made of wool and fully lined. The uniform was made by Peak Sportswear in Ottawa.

The total cost for the uniform exceeds $3,000 and each year parts of the uniform must be upgraded, replaced and repaired. This annual cost is estimated to be about $500.00. It is hoped that some summer weight clothing will be added to the Crier uniform for next season. The Town Crier reports that the current uniform is quite warm.

The Committee continues to need your help. Contributions of at least $200 will have their names displayed at the Town Hall.

All donations over $10 will receive an official tax receipt.

For more information contact Shellee Evans, Director of Community Services at 267-3311 ext. 2227 or mail your donation to Town Hall, 80 Gore Street East, Perth, Ontario K7H 1H9.


Reflecting Our Heritage: About The Town Crier's Bell

The Town Crier's Bell was hand cast by Kern's Foundary which was started by Robert Kerns in the mid 1960's. It is a small 1 to 2 man operation.  Robert has operated it since then.  They make bells (this size) for weddings, anniversaries and special occasions.  They also make anchors, ship wheels and a variety of other small items.  They have made Town Crier Bells for Criers in Nova Scotia, Newfounlad, New Brunswick, Ontario, the U.S.A., Australia and Great Britain.  They have made more than 40 bells for Town Criers.

The bell is cast with the name "Brent McLaren - Perth Town Crier" and "MMV" as part of the casting. It has a wonderful, clear ringing tone which quickly gathers the attention of passersby.


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